At MyMT ….we don’t share
We don’t share your information with anyone, anytime, ever unless ordered to do so by law.

At MyMT ….you choose your identity
You pick your online public name to reveal your identity as you wish.  We store your IP and email addresses to assure compliance with our online behavior policies, but we don’t share it.

At MyMT ….we collect information
We may collect information on our users in various way such as sign-up information, messages, posts, comments, responses, reviews, and ratings.  We also collect data from analysis of the site’s traffic; but, we do not share collected data either.

At MyMT ….our jurisdiction is in Oregon USA
This Privacy Policy and the privacy practices of will be subject to the laws of the state of Oregon in the US.

At MyMT ….feel free to contact us
For all requests, questions, or concerns about your Personal Information or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

At MyMT ….we have a tone
We don’t tolerate flaming, name calling, or unfounded claims, but we encourage healthy debate and critical thinking and speaking.  We value critical thinkers, change agents, integrity, and challengers.  Please remember that YOUR experience is not everyone's.  Share your experience with that in mind.

At MyMT….we have a link-it policy
Statements and claims should be backed up with appropriate links to substantiate the information.  Please provide links to resources to validate your claims whenever possible.

At MyMT ….we have a refund policy
We will happily refund any membership fees paid within a 30-day window from your request for any reason whatsoever.

At MyMT …. we have a problems policy
We have, find, and make problems.  Please tell us about anything by emailing us at