debbieDebbie Schwarm, Creator, MyMT
AAS Degree, Health Information Management - 1977
Former Accredited Records Technician 1977-2000
Hospital QI Management Specialist - 20 years
Joint Commission Preparation - 20 years
Medical Transcriptionist - 16 years
Current Member - AHDI

The CREATOR behind MyMT, Debbie brings a combined strength of 20+ years in hospital quality improvement management to include Joint Commission preparation, 16 years of medical transcription experience, operations manager in a high-tech environment, a sometimes excruciating eye for detail, and a passion for the truth.  She has an AAS Degree in Health Information Management (previously held the Accredited Records Technician certification).  She has been responsible or significantly involved in developing quality improvement departments in six hospitals, to include a multicultural environment in two military hospitals in Saudi Arabia.  Frustrated with the politics in the corporate environment and a desire to utilize her creative talents, Debbie had the big idea of doing medical transcription at home to provide an income while she explored something in graphic arts or web development.  As she became immersed in the MT industry’s windy road, she vowed to make things better for the profession,  marrying the two interests.  After nearly eight years of researching the labor laws, gathering information about companies, learning about social media and web application,  Debbie welcomes you to!

Debbie is the single mother of one son, Taylor.  You can find Taylor mostly around all things soccer.  Debbie and Taylor currently reside in Portland, Oregon and are Portland natives.