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Medical Transcription Jobs Ratings - Finally!

With the advent of the MTSO came the explosion of change in the medical transcription industry.  This brought about many versions of a business model with as many ways to consider potential earnings. The MT often finds it difficult to make employment choices based on the many elements that affect production and compensation.

medical transcription communityFor each company listed, users will enjoy an informational PROFILE about the company along with individual and overall RATINGS of the company shown in the images on this page.

Company Ratings was created to help you navigate this confusing job-hunting dilemma.  Please note the two areas of review. The company profile includes information about the workplace.  Second, a ratings area where you can rate your satisfaction in 11 different areas with the company.

Company Ratings includes only MTSO listings at the time of launch.  Since we believe there are clear differences in MTSO arrangements versus on-site/client employment situations, we adamantly request you to assist in adding those other types of companies.  It is not information easily abstracted from websites.  We are also interested in verifying, completing, and adding to the current MTSO database.

Your name and/or username will NOT be publicly revealed when you complete ratings and comments.

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