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electronic record news memeBefore we go ranting about the terrible woes of the EHR, with the recent mileage we have made with The Joint Commission, I would like to encourage changing the conversation we keep having in the medical transcription industry from, "Bad VR, bad EHR is eliminating good MT" to our industry partnering with TJC on developing quality improvement standards that would require the ongoing evaluation of ALL technologies and processes and the people involved in using them, including what we are currently doing, to certainly include us as important professionals in that process.  The MT makes errors too, and the checking and improving of that process is also currently flawed, in my opinion.  Again, my mantra on this.  Trying to subjectively argue from 10,000 feet about which process is better?  We may as well play the cup game.  Rather, the learning of proper quality improvement processes, data collection and analysis, will help healthcare facilities drill down to the facts in their own environments by learning how to properly identify and solve problems on an ongoing basis.  I think it's a way to keep our profession relevant, new and interesting jobs for our profession, and if we don't assert ourselves here pronto, someone else is going to do it.  I have a few ideas who, but not going to tip them off.



  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - May 22, 2015, 1:54 pm

    Amen, Katherine. Well said.

  2. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - May 6, 2015, 6:03 pm

    It isn’t the technology that is bad, it is the processes being used and the fact that totally untrained, unqualified people, and machines are being allowed to enter misspellings – incorrect grammar, and downright dangerous stuff that is being left in patients’ medical records and nobody in charge seems to care! People need to wake up and understand what is being put in their records. MTs need to get out there and learn about the new technology so we can be in the forefront of this thing, guiding with our knowledge of what is correct. I believe most doctors – given the chance, would prefer we do the transcription. I agree with MyMt. There are a lot of us and we can make a difference working TOGETHER!

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