Why are you charging for MyMT?
It's an intentional business model I chose so as not to allow Big Company to "buy me."  Usually the reason why you can go to other sites for free is because the site owner sells advertising.  I don't want to do that, except to offer advertising as an option to all members in the Forum area included in the membership fee, no one with leverage over another.  If an entity is capable of paying me lots of money for advertising, and I am enticed by making a large amount of money doing that, I see that as a potential conflict, real or perceived.  To keep my own goals genuine and pure, to provide the community with an unfavored experience, and given the current climate, I chose to do business in this manner.  The fee is low and structured to keep members engaged and not jumping in and out.  Websites are expensive.  Expensive to build.  Expensive to maintain.  Expensive to grow.  It is a full-time job for at least one person.  You get to decide if the product is for you, or not, but the money has to come from somewhere; either equally by all members, or great big companies that can buy an advantage over individuals.  I chose to level the playing field.

How do I change my username?
Unfortunately, the system will not allow you to change your own username.  Please select this carefully when you register.  If you must change it, please send an email to debbie@mymt.me so we can do this from the database.

What do I use for an avatar?
Any picture can be uploaded as your avatar into your profile.  It can be a true photo of yourself, a scene, some art, whatever you wish.  Here is a fun utility to create one at Pickaface.net to create avatars like this:
medical transcriptionists

Why is there no "s" in the URL indicating the site is safe and encrypted for credit card processing?
The credit card processing actually takes place via PayPal, not on the website, so the encryption is not required.  However, the web developer has indicated he will be utilizing this protocol for customer assurance in the near future.

How do I change my credit card option for future billings?Use this link:  Update Billing.


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