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That's me, Debbie, to your left.  Read about me here.  I've been working on MyMT since about 2005.  It's been challenging, for sure.  The bits and pieces of a dynamic website for a poor medical transcriptionist?  Nearly impossible, but I pushed on.  I am open and available and would love to get to know you, so don't ever hesitate to contact me.  I'm friendly, funny, creative, sarcastic, honest, persevering, and a little crazy.  I don't follow the crowd much, and that tends to raise the hairs on some.  I am a working medical transcriptionist currently transcribing for an MTSO, still fortunate enough to be doing straight transcription (I keep running from VR) for an acute care hospital in Arkansas.  I want to contribute to our profession.  I'd like to think of MyMT as, "The People's Choice."  As a worker in this industry, I have barely survived.  We need to do something about that.  So, why is there a fee to join MyMT?  Read about that here.

Over the last two years, we just accomplished something huge with The Joint Commission.  This involved the collective efforts of many, as described in the post linked in this paragraph.  It is my personal belief, with my background, that TJC is the organization that can provide the enforcement of our efforts such that we can turn things around in our industry.  I invite you to read about it here.  If you want to cut to the chase, head to the bottom of the post.  It's exciting stuff.  But, we have now had a setback, and The Joint Commission has essentially refused to have a meaningful conversation with us about the healthcare documentation industry.  I am currently working to develop a new petition and could really use the medical transcription community to help out with a MyMT membershipo.

If you're new to MyMT, or considering a MyMT Membership (we sure hope you join us), this page will help you get started.  If you want to hear what some think about me and what we are up to here, read on.

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medical language specialistsMT Surveys Wish you knew how much money others were making?  If people prefer InstantText over Shorthand?  How many lines per hour people are transcribing?  How do medical transcriptionists make more than $20/hour?  How do we fix the medical transcription industry problems?  Want to meet up with medical transcriptionists in your area?  How many accounts do people work on?  How do you find other types of transcription work?  Where is the pay better?  What are people doing who want to get out of the medical transcription field.  Well, now you can find out!  We're utilizing Survey Monkey to get the answers.  Take the surveys, see the replies.  Suggest your own medical transcription topic.  PAID MEMBERS ONLY


medical transcription forumThe News is includes important new topics with an area for discussion.  Members can tell us about important news items they'd like to discuss.  MyMT News is accessible and FREE TO THE PUBLIC



MT jobsMyWrecks uses a "flipping book" feature that displays the very funny interpretations that our not-very-funny medical transcription speech recognition platforms are creating.  You submit the funny thing, we find an accompanying graphic and enter it into our flipping book.  The MyMT community on Facebook came to love the great graphic representations that we came up with up, so voila, a book!  And, believe it, there are tons in the waiting.



medical transcriptionistsMyShop allows members of MyMT to advertise, medical transcription and non-transcription related, except for illegal or sexual content of course.  We believe in supporting one another within our medical transcription community in a specified advertising area.  All advertising is equal, a large corporation advertises in the same way an independent transcriptionist advertises, by becoming a paid member.  We believe high-cost advertising with big business arrangements leverages a financial advantage.  All community members are equal.  On request, we will include your ad in our newsletter and on Facebook.  Just ask!  PAID MEMBERS ONLY.

 Project Joint Commission

medical transcriptionWe believe that The Joint Commission should develop quality improvement standards in the area of healthcare documentation and that this will be one step towards stopping the out-of-control and unmanaged activities and behaviors in our industry.  On 04/27/2015, Dr Wyatt, Medical Director at The Joint Commission, heard our plea and wrote a very important article regarding the stand we have been taking by way of Dr Wyatt speaking at ACE in Vegas 2014, MyMT Petition, and constant contact with agents at The Joint Commission x2 years now.  This is important, really important, to our industry.  Read about it hereIt's a really big deal, Everyone!  Subsequent to this article, The Joint Commission told us they would, however, NOT further engage in a discussion with us about medical transcription quality management standards, but we aren't giving up.  Watch for a new petition to be developed in November 2015.


 medical transcription jobsMyDesk is provided as a while-you-work resource for MyMT members. It's a compilation of lookups on the net that help us find terms and verify and validate what we are transcribing.  We've gone the extra effort to include excellent and interesting resources.  Anatomy, drugs, doctor finders, grammar, psychology tests, surgery resources, bacteria and lab lists, medical transcription assistance, and more.  Who needs books when you have MyDesk?  Sortable and searchable resources with the click of your mouse.  PAID MEMBERS ONLY.



working at homeMyTech is a collection of technical resources for the medical transcriptionist to assist you in maintaining your computer's health along with links to free forums for technical assistance.  Click on the + signs to expand the menus.  Do you feel alone and frustrated without technical support?  We might be able to help too.  Contact us.  PAID MEMBERS ONLY



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work at home momFacebook Group

You asked, so here it is.   The Facebook Group was initiated so paid members can begin discussions on their own.  The MyMT Facebook Group is for conversing directly or indirectly about topics related to the medical transcription industry.  As the conversation will be lightly monitored only, once again MyMT is advocating for respectful conversations.  Find the MyMT Facebook Group Here.  You must be a current paid member to join.


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