button healthHow many of you have been doing medical transcription for years and have become overweight, deconditioned, depressed, sick?  I experienced all of these things.  I was probably predisposed by some adrenal-thyroid problems, but sitting all day, working at home in an isolated environment, being subjected to the stressors of the industry; financial, emotional, mental, surely took a huge toll on me.  My body and metabolism practically came to a complete halt, and I tried to remedy the situation by excessive dieting.  Eventually, I learned some things about that and, in order to correct it all, I had to gain weight so I could lose it in a healthier way.  This past year, I began working outside my home, moved about a mile from work, and until November, I was walking to and from work.  I lost about 12 pounds with little other effort.

In my journey, I have learned a lot of things about how the mind, body, and spirit work together for our health and I really want to share some of my insights with you.  I hope you'll consider these tools, knowing, of course, that I am not a fitness or health expert, but I find no harm in these things.  I've spent the last few weeks searching for things to help you get started.  They are meant to be directed at the MT, a work force of people with limited funds, stressful work-at-home environments, and possible degrees of deconditioning issues.

One of the most important things I've learned is to just get started.  Don't look for immediate and radical change; small bites are good.  It will help your brain catch up with your new efforts.  Today, I'm going to start tracking my food macros, for instance.  I have already calculated what they should be to get started, but I'm not going to obsess about meeting those goals immediately.  I'm going to start tracking the foods to see what's going on, see how the tracker works, and then tweak it over the next several days until I get the hang of it.  If you don't drink water much (like me), start out with an amount you can achieve...then increase as you meet those goals!  If you can't do a pushup, start them on the wall, then move to the ground.  You get the drift.  Don't get TOO comfy, however, and not progress.

Who's with me?  Here are some awesome tools.  Chat with us about how you're doing in the MT Fitness Group.  Just get started!  Ask me if you need help.

button healthYoga for Neck and Shoulder

button healthHamstring Yoga Stretch

button health10-Week No-Gym Home Workout

button healthWalk at Home - Free Videos

button healthUSDA SuperTracker

button healthCalorie Burning Calculator

button healthCalories Burned in 30 Minutes

button healthWater Intake Tracking Tools

button healthEmotional Freedom Technique - Gold Standard

button health30-Day Emotional Eating Journal Challenge

button healthCalculating Macro Goals

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