proofreadingMany years ago when I started doing medical transcription, so many things jumped out at me that felt like "traps."  Proofreading my own work was one of them for there is no proofreading expert or process that adequately supports proofreading your own work as a good idea, esPECially in this productive-urgent environment in which we find ourselves working.  Okay,  sure, it's a good idea to go over your work (quickly) to find errors and to correct them to the degree possible, but, I strongly disagree that this is a process that supports "quality."  Here is another article about proofreading that, when you read these tips, you would find them to not support how we do our work.  I vote no.  Read "How to Proofread" here.  It's another process in our work that I want to be relearned by our professionals understanding quality management principles.  An MT with a knowledge error is not going to find said error by proofreading what they thought was right in the first place.  What other document-producing profession does this?  No one.  What do you think about medical transcriptionists proofreading their own transcription?  Comment below.

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  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - March 21, 2017, 9:14 am

    I find we do not always see our errors when we proofread. It is best to have another pair of eyes do that. In a production-based and time-sensitive environment, it is a recipe for disaster to expect one person will get everything right when proofreading their own work. The current process where we send work for review only to be chastised for it is another no-no. Sure, we can always improve, but pointing out mistakes/differences in interpretation in a sarcastic manner does not serve any real purpose. When you get feedback from QA along these lines, “I was easily able to figure out ___,” this is another thing that really irks me and serves no real purpose but to upset and belittle (not helpful). Those kinds of comments should be banned. Also, MTs should never have their pay docked due to quality issues (some of which are really open to interpretation). What other industry does this? I don’t think any MT wakes up in the morning thinking how can I really $%%* things up at work today. Of course not. Fortunately, my current place of work does not send nasty comments and docking of pay due to quality is not done, but I know of several places that do.

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