button job resourcesA compilation of resources to help YOU find work.  Yes, newbies too.  Contrary to what some may say, there a lot of medical transcription jobs available.  Maybe you came from an on-site environment and don't know how to navigate the current medical transcription industry.  Our proudest accomplishment in the area of JOBS, is our Company Ratings feature.  We literally spent a few years figuring out how to build what we finally came up with.  What is it?  Over 85 profiles of companies with openings for medical transcription jobs!  You'll find a ton of information to include website links, email addresses, mailing addresses, compensation data, what the company requires or provides for software/hardware, benefits, their offshoring practice.  Even more.  Then, MyMT members rate and comment on their first-hand experience with the company.  It's felt to be the most valuable resource on MyMT.  If you are looking for a medical transcription job, Company Ratings is huge for you.

In addition, we have a Facebook discussion about how to find work, resume assistance, and a section for newbies.  Like our other modules, we will continue to add resources to Jobs.  MyMT Members, check out Medical Transcription Jobs!

Want to add a medical transcription job resource?  Tell us about it here.