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work at home jobsWhile AHDI promotes standards and best practices for medical transcription, the lack of enforcement results in inconsistent processes and resultant outcomes potentially affecting patient care. MyMT, under the guidance of Debbie Schwarm, the site's creator, believes this lack of enforceable standards has contributed to the ongoing erosion of the profession and, with a background in quality improvement and Joint Commission survey preparation for over 20 years, saw a potential value in educating the Joint Commission on the problems of our industry with the intention of requesting the Joint Commission develop dictation/transcription standards.

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On 06/27/2013, Debbie Schwarm/MyMT emailed the Joint Commission requesting a discussion with them. The email can be viewed here. Intro Email to JC 062713


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On 07/23/2013 a conference call was held with officers of the standards development team at the Joint Commission to include the following: Debbie Schwarm, MyMT; Marion Panagopoulous (Amy), Standards and Survey Methods Senior Director; Daniel Castillo, MD, Medical Director; Mary Brockway, Director; Rachele Zubik, Executive Secretary. A summary of MyMT activities (see below) had been presented to the JC staff one day prior to the meeting, and a general discussion of concerns was presented. A summary of the meeting was captured in the YouTube video below, but the essential point was that they requested data to substantiate claims made, that input to them should be directed towards patient safety concerns, and they agreed to review the summary in full. It was pointed out that we felt some of this data would be found in the report already.

medical transcription forumOn 07/23/2013: A summary of MyMT concerns was presented to the Joint Commission and its contents briefly mentioned, but to be reviewed by the JC staff in their own time for later discussion. To review the report click below:
Joint Commission Summary


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On 07/23/2013: Click here:
YouTube Summary of Joint Commission Call


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On 08/14/2013: Linda Brady, CEO, AHDI attends Joint Commission Liaison Network Forum
Click here to review her summary: High Reliability and Quality at Joint Commission Liaison Network Forum.

Excerpt: "On Wednesday afternoon there was a Leadership Panel session with senior Joint Commission staff available to answer questions. AHDI asked if The Joint Commission would be developing quality measures on EHR documentation and auditing guidelines. Ann Scott Blouin, RN, PhD, FACHE, Executive Vice President, Customer Relations, and Mary Brockway, MS, RN, Director, Department of Standards and Survey Methods, addressed our question. They said The Joint Commission would not necessarily develop auditing guidelines; however, they are currently studying quality issues in EHR documentation. They recently met with a health information technology expert and conducted a review of documentation issues from 40 hospitals. They found a variety of recurring themes around specific issues (e.g., interoperability, copy and paste, quality, and safety), which have been written up in a paper. I’ve requested a copy of the paper and I expect to receive it soon. Ms. Brockway reported that they had recently met with someone to discuss the roles of medical transcriptionists in documentation quality. She emphasized that data is needed and The Joint Commission would welcome receiving it from AHDI."

medical transcriptionOn 11/14/2013 Debbie/MyMT contacted AHDI President, Jill Devrick, to check in with her about AHDI's progress on obtaining data for the above-mentioned purposes. This was in response to a Facebook post in which Jill indicated they had some great ideas and ways in which we might all contribute. Please see the discussion here: Jill Devrick Update 111413


medical transcription jobsOn 11/26/2013, Debbie/MyMT launched The Joint Commission Petition on Change.Org in an effort to collect feedback and data from the community members.

View the petition here: Joint Commission Petition
View signatures as of 01/14/2014 here: petition signatures as of 011214
View comments as of 01/14/2014 here: petition comments as of 011214

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Joint Mobilization
Joint Commission Petition Progress
Operation Linda-Laura Special Note: Laura's Open Letter
Suggesting Joint Commission Standards

medical transcription community01/14/2014: Preparing to summarize the petition findings, re-review all discussions, develop specific suggested standards for The Joint Commission by end of month January, 2014.



work at home jobs03/19/2015  Revised report sent to Mary Brockway/The Joint Commission Standards Dept
proposal 031114rev

(reply below 04/22/2015)



work at home mom03/17/2014  AHDI announces Keynote Speaker, Dr Wyatt, to attend ACE Conference in July 2014.  See the announcement here.




medical language specialists04/22/2014: Received reply from The Joint Commission, Mary Brockway.
Her reply, and mine back to her is contained here.
Reply from Joint Commission 042214



medical transcription forum04/26/2014  Email sent to The Joint Commission, Dr Ronald Wyatt, Medical Director, Division of Healthcare Improvement
Email to Dr Wyatt 042614

04/28/2014 Dr Wyatt replied thanking me for the letter and indicating he would speak with Mary Brockway and Dr Castillo.


MT jobs07/23/2014 - AHDI ACE Conference in Las Vegas - Dr Wyatt is Keynote speaker.  See the announcement here.



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07/23/2014  Email sent to The Joint Commission, Dr Mark R Chassin, CEO/President
Email to Dr Chassin 072314      Dr Chassin never replied.

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10/23/2014  Email sent to Dr Wyatt, Medical Director, Division of Healthcare Improvement
Email to Dr Wyatt 102314
10/24/2014  Dr Wyatt replied that he would get back to me as he was out of town.  No reply.
11/24/2014  Sent another email to Dr Wyatt requesting a reply.  No reply.
01/05/2015  Sent another email to Dr Wyatt requesting a reply.
01/05/2015  Dr Wyatt replied that he would be requesting information from me about an upcoming Quick Safety article he would be writing.  He indicated it would probably run in April or May 2015.
01/05/2015 Dr Wyatt was provided with the initial report other agents had seen previously.
proposal 031114rev
02/04/2015 Checked back in with Dr Wyatt.
Dr Wyatt replied asking for major points about our industry to include in his Quick Safety article.
Emailed information to Dr Wyatt per above request.  This was used in the Quick Safety Article  Email to Dr Wyatt with Quick Safety Content
Email to Dr Wyatt and Laura Bryan regarding an MT dictating for an MD  Email to Dr Wyatt and Laura Bryan 031815
Dr Wyatt replied to above email.
04/27/2015  Dr Wyatt published the Quick Safety Article "Transcription Relates to Patient Risk."  In a brief note to Laura Bryan and me, Dr Wyatt indicated that he hopes the article begins a larger dialogue and that The Joint Commission can play a larger role.

To illustrate the importance of The Joint Commission in Healthcare Documentation -

"The Joint Commission has accredited hospitals for more than 60 years and today it accredits approximately 4,055 general, pediatric, long term acute, psychiatric, rehabilitation and specialty hospitals, and 358 critical access hospitals, through a separate accreditation program. Approximately 78 percent of the nation's hospitals are currently accredited by The Joint Commission, and approximately 89 percent of hospitals that are accredited in the United States are accredited by The Joint Commission."

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