let doctors be doctorsThe website, Let Doctors Be Doctors, was created by Dr Zubin Damania.  Read his introduction below:

"Rapper and internist "ZDoggMD", aka Zubin Damania, M.D., is looking to shake up health care. During his 10-year career as a hospitalist at Stanford and close to burnout, Zubin turned to stand-up comedy and rap to voice his concerns and frustrations about our dysfunctional health system. His videos have educated and entertained over a million patients and providers while mercilessly satirizing the ways in which health care fails. 

Dr. Damania is the Director of Healthcare Development for Downtown Project Las Vegas, an urban revitalization movement spearheaded by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh, where he's currently developing an innovative model of health care delivery that promotes wellness at both the individual and community level. He recently founded Turntable Health, a primary care clinic within Las Vegas—which he describes as "a revolution in medicine."

I am not generally a fan of standing on the sidelines and picking out issues as a way to promote our jobs as transcriptionists or keeping our profession alive.   I think we can accomplish keeping our profession alive by become key proponents of quality documentation, not by trying to prove our current way is better than other ways.  If I might say it once again, our own transcription industry is not managed well, in my opinion.  I think the entire healthcare documentation thing is a mess.   However, I do think Dr Damania's idea of getting examples from healthcare providers as a way to start creating a collective voice.  I will be contacting him and introducing to him what we are doing at MyMT, sharing our Joint Commission experience with him, and exploring a potential partnership.  I still contend that the answer is implementing proper quality management procedures for this healthcare documentation, and since he is a physician, he will be familiar with hospital quality improvement processes and The Joint Commission, and maybe he can bring a new voice and extra oomph to our effort here.  It is obviously a passion of his.

As a side note, Dr Damania was a speaker at the AHDI Conference in 2014.

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