Best Medical Transcription Jobs!

Best Medical Transcription Jobs Resource!

The top keyword search phrase on Google for medical transcription is "medical transcription jobs."  Medical transcriptionists seem to be constantly looking for jobs and for good reason.  We are faced with some of the most troubling work situations around, and it's incredibly difficult to make a wise decision about a job until you actually get in and get dirty, sometimes wasting months to find out that it's not a fit, and you're back to the medical transcription jobs search game.   Some of you will solely focus on the offered line rate, but this is such a minimal piece of the decision.  I left an employee-classified job at .08/line once to excitedly take a job at 0.11/line as an independent contractor.  The IC work was horrible and one in which I could not get a decent line count, clinic reports with tons of client specifics, a rate crasher.  That very experience got me to thinking about a tool that I wanted to create for medical transcription jobs.

The difficult part about finding medical transcription jobs is not knowing all of those variables before you accept positions.  You figure it out eventually, and if it's not a profitable situation, you are now left with the choice of moving on and taking another stab at something that might be worse or putting up with your current choice.  That's why I created Company Ratings.

These are some of the things you want to know when looking for a medical transcription job like -

    • how long they've been in business
    • if they offshore
    • do they hire ICs or employees?
    • what minimum experience do they require
    • what is the minimum production per pay period
    • do they follow Book of Style rules
    • do they do straight transcription or VR
    • what hardware/software do they provide
    • what hardware/software is required of you
    • what benefits are provided
    • what time-off pay is available
    • do you have to work holidays
    • are you paid extra for holidays
    • how much do they compensate
    • how do they count lines
    • do they pay for down time
    • what is their physical address
    • what is their phone number
    • email address
    • website link

And then, you'd like to know what other medical transcriptionists think about the company, right?  And, you'd like that information to be objectively reviewed and the data to remain easily intact and visually attractive so you don't have to weed through piles of emotionally fueled comments on a forum board.   And it'd be cool if it looked something like this.

ratings snippet

And you might surely wonder what people were saying about these companies, their subjective opinions.  Things like this.

"The biggest difference is that we punch in and out on a time clock to track hours (though that doesn’t affect our pay, just for calculating what benefits you qualify for and what OT pay would be). I type mostly clinic notes, letters, some radiology, and OP notes. I maintain several exclusive accounts which give me enough work to fill most of my day and then I have access to pooled work to fill in the gaps. The company has been actively seeking new accounts and the workload has steadily increased since the transition in January 2014. Working on my main exclusive account, I can type (straight- no VR) about 200 to 225 lph. On other accounts I can get 180 to 200. I work 40 hours (hours which I set as long as I get work done within TAT) and average about $12 per hour. I could probably do better if I worked on my efficiency. We do get paid for templated lines at the rate of 1 cpl. I believe high producers can earn additional cpl incentives and we can earn OT at time-and-a-half with approval. I have also had the opportunity to take extra QA/editing work on occasion. Most of the accounts I have worked on are pretty simple/straightforward, pretty good dictators. There are some with rather complex account specs, but managers are always willing to help you understand and they’re not too bad once you get used to them. I do earn paid time off but can take unpaid time as well if needed. I work with a really great team, have developed working friendships with a few of them! Everyone is willing to help you out when you get overwhelmed with too much work- which is a pretty good problem to have these days. My managers are always helpful and friendly. Overall, I am happy working here. It is the flexibility I need and the pay potential is good. I really look forward to getting a paid vacation for the first time in years this summer!"

Yes, we have that all for you in Company Ratings.

MyMT Company Ratings

There are currently over 80 medical transcription companies listed in Company Ratings with all those things listed above.  It's objective, it's comprehensive, it's the best MT-friendly tool around for finding an MT job or comparing yours to others.  Wondering if you should take a leap and move?  Use Company Ratings to help you decide.  Don't see a company there?  Go ahead and use the "Add a company" feature or let us know and we'll add it for you.

Need more help in your hunt for the medical transcription job that best fits YOU?  Check our our Medical Transcription Job Resources Module.  Here, you'll find links and resources to medical transcription jobs, such as MT Daily, MT Stars,, writing a resume targeted towards medical transcription jobs, medical transcription jobs for the newbie (who hires new graduates?), email addresses to companies, a survey of medical transcriptionists who make over $20/hour; they tell you where and how to find medical transcription jobs where you can make the most money.

Still need help?  MyMT works with our members directly.  Just send us a message at  Contact MyMT directly for job hunting assistance.

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  1. Debbie - September 5, 2016, 8:35 am

    Hi Nancy,
    Need to get the appropriate training first. You can find schools listed on the site of the professional organization

  2. Nancy Harty - September 3, 2016, 9:58 pm

    Very interested in doing transcription at home. Any tips?

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