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This is the container for the items being gathered by the MYOB Group.  This is a PRIVATE GROUP (see groups) working together to explore issues related to starting a transcription business (medical or non-medical).  Non-group members are welcome to review the information, but please refrain from completing the surveys if you are not in the group.  Thank you.

medical language specialistsStep One:  Brainstorming Survey -

The data in this survey will be organized to assist the group in formulating our process.

Take the brainstorming survey here –  Brainstorming Survey
See the brainstorming results here –   Brainstorming Results


medical transcription forumStep Two:  Who's in Our Group?

Who's in our group?  What experience do they have in our interest?

Take the Who's Here survey here - Who's Here Survey
See the responses here - Who's Here Results


MT jobsResource:  AHDI
Resources provided to me by Linda Brady, CEO, AHDI, for our project.

  • Business Alliance – Members only networking group for people who own and/or operate a business. This can be an MTSO, educational organization, technology company, etc. They communicate via an email listserv and the BA Steering Committee organizes webinars and initiatives to support their work. We’re currently collecting models, samples, and resources to build an online repository for members to access.
  • AHDI members can download the Wage Hour Law section from our Compliance & Operations Best Practices Manual. After logging into the website, go to Member Center > My Account and the file is in the right hand column.
  • HIPAA Compliance Guide and Quick Reference, Click Here (list price is $20)
  • MTSO Benchmarking Survey Results, Click Here (free for AHDI Members)
  • AHDI Corporate and Educational members get free access to the Online Learning Library. This has a handful of webinar recordings on topics to help them with their business. This is a different library than the one available to our Individual Professional members. The titles rotate and here’s what is currently available:
    • HIPAA Final Rule and the MT Industry
    • HIPAA Final Rule Boosts Patient Rights
    • Partial Narrative Dictation in the EHR
    • Managing Remote Teams Successfully
    • Developing Your Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Best Practices and tool kits Click Here
    • QA Best Practices for Clinician-Created Documentation
    • Dictation Best Practices
    • QA Best Practices for Healthcare Documentation Specialists
  • Model Job Descriptions Click Here
  • AHDI Position Statements Click Here
    • Full Disclosure in MT Compensation
    • Verbatim Transcription
    • Flyer on HDS roles in the EHR Click Here

Step Three:  Researching Other Transcription Opportunities
medical transcriptionists
In this data collection process, we're asking people to contribute information about other types of transcription work they have performed or are aware of.  This may be legal, business, church, publications, media, or any other type of transcription out there.

Take the survey here - Other Transcription Resources
See the results here - Responses


 medical transcriptionAnother Survey Already on MyMT
Take the survey here  - Other Transcription Work (non-medical)
See the results here - Responses




List of Other Transcription Opportunities
Reality TV Transcription
Transcribe your reality TV footage with B-roll
Documentary Transcription
News Footage Transcripts
TV “as broadcast”
Research Interviews
Continuity Transcripts
Final Script Transcriptions
International Translations
legal transcriptionist's website

legal transcription course
Board meetings
Consumer forums
Corporate Report
Focus group
General meetings
Law enforcement
Market Research
Panel Discussions
Press Releases
Technical reports
Telephone conversations
Trade shows
Academic / Non-Profit
Classroom lectures
Educational Institution
Research Interviews
Religious - Sermons
Media Industry
Medico Legal
Lab and Path Reports
SOAP notes, Followups
Admission Summary
Discharge Summaries

medical meeting transcriptions

Juanita Stuart contacted me and provided this - "Medical Transcriptionists need to advertise themselves $50 an hour using a website. AWAI, American Writers Artists Inc, copywriters don't go below $50 an hour, even research specialists for copywriters. Nick Usbourne, AWAI, coach teaches how to set up a fabulous website."
medical transcription jobsResources - Small Business Administration
The SBA has a great interactive tool for writing a business plan.  It is really helpful in helping you make decisions about your idea.  You can create an account online, then use their interactive tool while you are guided through each step.  Business Plan Tool
working at homeStep 4:  Audio Solutions for Self Employed
Take the survey here - Audio Solution Ideas
See the results here - Audio Solution Results
medical transcription communityResources - Other Work-At-Home Jobs
Fifteen non-transcription companies where you can work at home plus a slideshow, "Tips on How to Run a Business From Home."  Click here.


  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - August 3, 2015, 9:02 am

    Also, go to the Job Resources module (see MyMT home page) and find the Excel spreadsheet. That is an email list of all the companies in the ratings area. One way to find out quickly if there are job openings is load those email addressed and send out a blast email, to include your resume. This is usually what I do, and can find work quite quickly when I need to. Stay away from the Bigs, the pay and processes seem to be grueling for people; those are the folks who seem to be most dissatisfied. And then, sometimes you’ve had all the fun you can take and might just go do something entirely different 🙂

  2. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - August 3, 2015, 8:59 am

    Hi MommaLyd, well that’s the intention of the group here – to explore these many questions. I was hoping the group was going to participate in researching these things along with me, but hasn’t been the case, so I am prodding along as best I can to continue providing resources. I don’t feel my pay is piss poor, for what I do (I make 17-21/hour). I feel that is reasonable for the type of work. I won’t work for piss poor, but indeed you have to do some digging around and finding the good spots. That’s certainly my intention with MyMT, is to collect and compile data in different ways in an organized fashion to sort all that out. I also believe that if people can find out how to do this without the middle man, and I don’t think it is that difficult, for those interested, then there is another way to boost income. So, the object of the MYOB group and this page is to dig around and find that stuff out. So far, we are in a data-collecting phase. It is my intention to dig deeper and organize what we are finding out. As far as “hiring now?” I think most companies listed in Company Ratings are hiring most of the time. Also a search on will return thousands of current open positions, many of them hospital based, where the pay seems to be better.

  3. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - August 3, 2015, 8:40 am

    I’ll be honest here….I really don’t want to start up my own business in this dying field. I don’t have the time, the money, nor the motivation. Every single lead I have checked out about medical transcription leads to piss-poor pay just like the situation I’m in. I have seen no benefit from all this so far, albeit, I have not earnestly looked into other forms of transcription wholeheartedly. What I have looked into have been sites that you have to set up webpages or vie and bid for jobs….not my cup of tea. I think we need more resources of places we can actually apply for work-at-home positions, whether it be medical or non-medical, that actually pay a living wage close to what we are worth. These may be listed here, again I haven’t had the time to get deep into this, but if those jobs are non-existent then that will certainly make up my mind. Is there anyway to actually classify “hiring now” types of employment?

  4. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - July 20, 2015, 6:36 am

    Looks like some GREAT resources here… to get the time to actually go through them all! I know what I’m doing next weekend! Thanks for putting this all together!

  5. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - July 17, 2015, 3:00 pm


  6. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - July 16, 2015, 3:52 pm

    I’ve already taken the survey, but I came across this today:

  7. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - June 29, 2015, 3:57 pm

    I’m seeing a lot things referring to credentialing these days. My work even sent an email the other day asking us to do a survey because “they wanted to get to know you better.” It was mandatory and the only questions it really asked was if we were credentialed, what kind of credentials, if we planned on obtaining credentials in the future and if we were going to attend the AHDI convention in Atlanta. We were required to identify ourselves….this scares me. I have been doing this for over 15 years but am not credentialed in any way, mostly due to cost and also the uncertain future of this career anyway. I figure why worry about it when I probably will not have a job doing this in a year or so, either by my choice or theirs. What are the thoughts of credentials? Opinions? This doesn’t mean I’m going to run out and get them, but would like to know what impact this might have on my career.

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