Please Participate!

You hear it from me often.  Please participate!

When I get a membership cancellation, leaving members are asked to provide the "reason."  Most often, the person will say they haven't taken the time to check it out, don't see that they will, haven't used it, don't have time for it.  I'm always struck with asking, "Hmm, how much did you contribute to it?"  Seems a petri dish to a larger problem.  Sometimes people say something like, "I want to support you, but....."  Hmm.  This isn't a Support Debbie Project, folks.  MyMT is my contribution of a platform so that we, collectively, can use social media to communicate and advocate for change, amongst other things.

While all of those cancellation comments are very real and reasonable replies, I express to you once again that the value of MyMT will come from your participation.  I am not the first MT website maker who has expressed the frustrations of lack of participation, nor am I naive to the challenge.  I ask you all once again, in all aspects of our industry, to not only see what is of personal use to you, but to ask, "What can I do to contribute ?" ask not what mother

This week, two other individuals stepped out to suggest change and to ask for your input.

Diane Warth asked this:

"The AHDI National Leadership Board, staff and volunteers spend a great deal of time during the year discussing and planning our annual meeting:  Where to have it, what kind of topics, activities, vendors, etc.  Do you have any ideas or thoughts about how you would like the AHDI annual meetings structured?  What have you not seen at an annual meeting that you would like to see?  Any particular topics you would like to see in a presentation?   How about other activities to bring our members together, professionally and socially?  What information do you need to make your job easier?  We would love to have  your thoughts and ideas to make our annual meetings more meaningful and valuable to you.  Although we go through the evaluation forms with a fine-tooth comb to pull out important information about your experience at a meeting, how about those who aren’t attending?  What would make a trip to an annual meeting attractive and valuable for you?  Please share!"  Diane Warth, CMT, RHIT, AHDI-F

Please Participate by giving Diane some feedback!  HERE.

Next up?  Jay Vance.

Jay wrote an article that many of you may have read this week, "Taking it to the Streets."  He has been posting it in many forums, including MyMT, and some of you have already commented.  Please read the article here and, again, Please Participate here in the discussion by giving Jay your thoughtful comments.  Here's an excerpt from Jay's article:

"So maybe it’s time to start talking about things we’ve been afraid to talk about before. As a newly elected member of the AHDI National Leadership Board, one thing I will promise to do is take a cold, hard look at the ways of doing and thinking we’ve already tried, and if we haven’t seen meaningful results after years of doing and thinking the same way, then I’m ready to take some chances and push some boundaries. If you share my viewpoint, or if you think I’m totally off-base, I’d love to hear your thoughts."

Jay Vance, CMT, CHP
NLB At-Large Director-Elect

It's true that a significant part of our workforce has chosen this profession because they can work at home.  Inside of that business model, it seems many of these workers have little interest in professional activities.  However, I will assert this to you for consideration.  I think if we cannot get an at-home workforce to participate in some professional activities, at SOME level, it's just not going to work out, it already isn't.  Some say this is a dying industry.  Maybe they are right.  But, I can assure you, an ambivalent, disinterested, cynical, resigned, uninvolved workforce will assure its death.

What can you do, something that isn't a HUGE stretch for you, but a stretch nonetheless?

So, I ask again.  Find a spot, find a way.  Maybe it's a refusal to work for the company abusing you.  Maybe it's joining MyMT, AHDI, if just to check it out.  Can't afford it?  Check out the scholarship program.  CAN afford it?  Contribute to the scholarship program.  Not an AHDI fan?  Complete a MyMT company rating, respond to the MyMT surveys, read the newsletter, join some groups, engage in the conversation, comment on the blogs, donate to MyMT, send a note to one of the media sources under RESOURCES - Project Exposure.  Give input when asked.  Contribute something, somehow, somewhere.

To those of you who are?  Thank you!!  Keep it up.

For more ideas, check out today's accompanying newsletter.  Don't get the newsletter?  Sign up on the MyMT home page.

Please Participate!



  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - June 19, 2014, 7:40 pm

    Hmm, no Deb. Did not know about it. On my to do list, but also, you can too. Doesn’t have to pass MY test 🙂 I say we keep talking, keep reaching out, however it looks.

  2. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - June 19, 2014, 7:23 pm

    Debbie, have you seen the TV show, “American Greed?” Would that show be a good platform for the information that you’ve sent to JC and Fox News? The show seems to be centered upon how cutting corners and short-sightedness can be toxic in so many ways. We’ve seen VR, EHR, and offshoring used, often to the detriment of the quality of patient care and the future of good medicine. Perhaps American Greed would be a good fit for these issues.

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