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medical transcription communityOne of my visions for MyMT is to provide online mechanisms for turning talk into action.

Sometimes that just requires keeping the information and many discussions somewhere in an organized manner so we can easily refer to them.  We're busy.  We lose track.  We lose interest.  We get re-interested.  We get mad.  We find time.  We go away.  We come back.

In Projects, our mission is to keep these significant discussions intact and, more importantly, move to resolve. Discussions we have here, in blogs, on Facebook, in the Forum, in other forums, in the news, at AHDI, in the courts.  Bring it here.

MyMT was largely inspired by Seth Godin's TED video, "The Tribes We Lead."  He talks about how people successfully accomplish "impossible" tasks using a collective voice.  Don't think we can effect change in medical transcription?  Think again.


Let's move forward.

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