Be respectful.
Our community appreciates that little is gained from accusing, flaming, blaming, rudeness, name calling, global assumptions, believing your personal experience is everyone’s.  Please respect others’ stories as their truth.  Even people who work at the same company have entirely different experiences.

Be objective.
Our members recognize reporting of their objective experience is more valuable to others than their subjective assessments.  Everyone is allowed to make their own assessment of the facts.  Arguing about personal opinions of situations isn’t useful here.  You may express your opinion; please don’t argue about them.

Respect diversity.
Our community is diverse.  It is acceptable to use religious phrases and references to religious holidays or prayer or to celebrate your faith in our community.  It is not acceptable to express opinions about faith, to argue about faith, to reference another’s faith in a derogatory fashion.

Avoid politics.
Political discussions should be avoided.  Few will be convinced to change their political viewpoints based on online conversations; therefore, we avoid them.  Everyone is entitled to their personal political and philosophical opinions; inciting arguments about political beliefs is not a useful behavior, in my opinion.  To use the Affordable Care Act as an example, it is useful to discuss the details of the ACA, but attacking differences in political philosophy is a never-ending battle with no one being right; simply, philosophical differences.  If there are some who love this type of debate, we can consider a sectioned off area in the future, but many (myself included) tire of it.

Grammar/spelling policing.
I know it’s hard, eSPECIALLY for this group.  However, many people are typing from their phones or at least typing as they speak.   We tend to type phonetically this way and sometimes miss the boat.  Let’s give ourselves this one place where we can have a grammar/spelling break and well, if you get the point, ease up.

Off Topic
As paid members, you are free to advertise your business (MT and non-MT) in the forum advertising area, you may request a chat room for your personal use, and discuss topics that are not necessarily MT related.  Many of us have similar interests outside of our work.  These discussions can make the community fun.  Please contact us if we can create an area for a particular type of discussion that interests you.

Sometimes you just need to vent!
Thank you for keeping our environment pleasant.   If you just need to gripe and vent and rant, please feel free to do so in the live chat area.  We have a chat room just for venting!  Sometimes you just want to gripe, but not everyone is in the mood to hear us do so.  There IS an area for that though, so do use it.


Useful:  I was very unhappy with my experience at ABCZ Company.  They never had enough work.
Not Useful:  ABCZ Company is the worse company ever.  They are idiots.  I would never work for them.

Acceptable:  Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukkah!  Happy Kwanzaa!  Sending prayers to you.
Not acceptable:   Please remove the Christian remarks, I’m Jewish.  If you were a Christian, you would know better.  Why do we have to allow religious comments here?

Acceptable:  I did not have that experience working for ABCZ Company.
Not acceptable:  You’re a liar.  I work there and that never happened to me.

What to do? 
If someone engages in offensive remarks, please do not argue back.  Send us a comment, and we will talk with the person involved.