Iisolation2'm recently home again working after almost a year in an office, which I have enjoyed.  It's supposed to be temporary (we'll see) as they remodel our office to accommodate 25 new employees from a new company ours bought.  Our jobs are one of the few that don't need to actually be taking up prime office real estate.  To be honest, I enjoy the flexibility of being at home, even though I am still working set hours and attached to my co-workers and the boss by instant messaging, it still feels flexible.  But, I've been doing this home thing a long time and I learned something from it......it contributes to isolation...and depression.  I loved this article I found for us on the topic.  I hope you'll have a read.   How to Work From Home Without Losing Your MindFeel free to weigh in below and share your own suggestions! 

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