The Medical Transcriptionist Gets Stumped – Harmonic Scalpel

It's hard being a medical transcriptionist sometimes!  What do YOU think is the proper way to document this surgical tool?  According to our Facebook survey, medical transcriptionists have several opinions, and so do their sources.  Add your opinion (and rationale) to the comments below.

Harmonic Scalpel?
Stedman's Surgical and Equipment Words votes here (two different Stedman's opinions - see below).
Nebraska Surgical

Harmonic scalpel?
Stedman's Equipment Words votes here.
The Surgical Word Book by Claudia Tessier, third edition votes here.

harmonic scalpel?
Ethicon makes one.
Ethicon has registered Harmonic Scalpel, but it also appears that a harmonic scalpel is made by other manufacturers like this
Accellant makes one.

Who's got something else?

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  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - November 12, 2015, 6:21 pm

    I got a hold of my QA leader for her input. Her response was that since there are so many legitimate sources for the spelling of harmonic scalpel, any one of them would be correct. That if an auditor did happen to mark any of them wrong, we should ask for their source. Myself, I would go with harmonic scalpel since it seems to be a generic use in most notes. If, by chance it was more specific, like including a manufacture name, then Harmonic Scalpel would be my choice.

    Regarding milk of magnesia, in our companies revised Best Practices, it is all lower case without hyphens. Again, if it would be included with a brand name, then capitalization would be the way I’d go.

    My 2 cents.

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