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"Why Careers are Gone and Jobs are Going Next"

See the article here.

Yes, the global marketplace and workplace are changing, changing, changing American jobs, and we are in the midst of this change, possibly at the forefront of it.  I wonder if these other industries are experiencing the overarching illegal manner in which these alternative work arrangements are rolling out.  Laura Bryan tagged me on this article and mentions that we may well be the poster children for these issues.  Personally, I don't think change is inevitable and I think the Internet is bringing about so many of these changes, and we really have to embrace technology and be part of its unveiling, rather than engage in resisting it for the sake of our personal agendas.  It's not okay to give up quality for technology.  It's not okay to construct illegal work environments using technology.  It's not okay to blindly offshore while ignoring privacy and quality issues.  So, how do we get in the game of being part of these changes rather than becoming victims of them?  How do you view that taking place?

What do you think?


  1. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - June 27, 2016, 7:03 pm

    The laws ARE in place. In our industry, they are very hard to enforce.

  2. Name Hidden Due to Privacy - June 23, 2016, 5:51 pm

    Thank you, Debbie, for sharing this article. At first as I was reading it, I felt like …. I have excellent computer skills and maybe I could blog and make money or other kinds of transcription besides medical. It felt like open possibilities and freedom. Then thinking about it and the whole being a temporary worker with no benefits. The employer hiring independent contractor or temporary workers is really cutting their costs not having to pay for medical benefits, social security, workers’ comp, etc. Any moment we could try to work, and our account is gone, and there we are the working class having to scramble and find new work.

    There really should be new laws put in place, maybe unions, for independent contractor workers to protect their rights. It feels like the “wild west” and anything goes to benefit employers these days! We’re not alone in the MT industry. This is happening to all workers.

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